Mobilisation Cédrika is an operational protocol, a concerted and structured intervention strategy in the search for missing persons. It was prepared by Fondation Cédrika Provencher and intended to govern and control the actions of the family and the help provided by the population, in cases of kidnapping, fugue or disappearance. Effective and concerted action is essential to maximize the chances of finding the person quickly.

 Mobilisation Cédrika does not replace police action or the Amber Alert, an operation that can only be triggered by police authorities. Mobilization Cédrika is an initial search operation, initiated in the very first minutes, directly by the family, a relative or someone in authority over the missing person. Fondation Cédrika Provencher , THE partner of the family and the population. 

A guide is provided on our site at : Mobilisation Cédrika (


- Henri Provencher, Director of the Foundation