An initial project of the Cédrika Provencher Foundation is formally established in May 2017 as an independent body with its own identity and regulations, though under the Foundation's portal.

 The CRPEE works in the respect of philosophy and within the framework of the mission of the Cédrika Provencher Foundation, as a non-profit organization serving the family and the population.

 Initially, the organization begins its initial activities with the determination to concretely develop and realize the various projects of the Cédrika Provencher Foundation.

 As an incubator for promising new initiatives and projects, Center for Research and Prevention of Child Abductions (CRPEE) also opens its doors to any specialist, organization, institution, company or person wishing to participate in this joint project for the safety of children.

 The CRPEE invites the population to collaborate in its mission, by submitting ideas and / or any project corresponding to the framework of its mission.

 Each idea or project submitted will be considered and evaluated carefully. If it proves useful, feasible and meets the selection criteria of the organization, it will be taken into account and developed in the best way and in the best possible time.

The mission of CRPEE

 Create - Prevent - Act - Gather - Find - Innovate 

 Create and develop the necessary tools to prevent kidnappings, disappearances and runaways and act appropriately to equip our children to protect them against any virtual or physical predator. 

Properly address any risk situation and act effectively to quickly find a missing person.

 The objectives of the CRPEE

Bring together all talents, skills, strengths and specialties for a collective purpose and concrete, concerted, structured, effective and innovative joint action.

Tackle the growing phenomenon of disappearances, runaways and kidnappings from all angles:

  • To provide a safer living environment for our children.

  • To allow our children to reach adulthood without risking their evolution or stealing their lives.

  • Better equip our children, families and the public to detect any trap and potential danger of abduction by any potential predator and abductor.

  • Act effectively before predators of all kinds take action.

  • Securing the environments most frequented by our children, both on the Internet and in reality.

  • Protect our children from unhealthy influence, attempted indoctrination and virtual traps on the Internet.

  • Stop the phenomenon of disappearances, runaways and abductions of children and help to limit the proliferation of child predators.

The goals of CRPEE

 Constantly evolve in search of innovative ideas in research, development, creation and concrete development:

  • New awareness, information and training tools to prevent the abduction of children, disappearances and runaways.

  • Any project likely to increase security, both on the Internet and in the areas most frequented by our children.

  • Strategic organizational structures and adequate methods of intervention always faster and more effective when reporting the disappearance of a child.

  • Concrete solutions adapted to the specific situation of a child disappearance.

  • Developing strategic research methods and operational protocols that are always more effective in quickly finding a missing person.

 Collaborators, partners, sponsors and volunteers are invited to contribute with the CRPEE to:

  • Provide better protection for our children against any virtual or temporal predator.

  • Participate in the development of new tools to prevent the abduction of children, disappearances and fugues and new methods of intervention and search for missing persons.